Quadro Stroller

The ultralight stroller from the future

The lightweight Quadro Stroller is made to carry the Pod iLove - the fulcrum of the Quadro concept. The stroller is designed by Emanuele Bianchi and one of its fantastic features is to give you the utmost in maneuverability, allowing you to carry one or two pods at the same time. Its detachable carrier, the Pod iLove is a versatile dog carrier which can be used with the Quadro, carried on your shoulder, tightened to the car seat or to be attached to your bike with the Pod iLove Bike Connection. (The Quadro is the stroller/frame only. The Pod iLove, Basket Ilove and Stroller connection for the Basket ILove must be ordered separately)

***the max weight on the stroller is 10lb, if using 2 Pod iLoves or 2 Basket iLoves or one of each please distribute weight equally****

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